Every morning deserves a good start

Most people reserve their best breakfast for a Saturday morning. It may include pancakes, bacon, eggs, biscuits…even donuts.  Just the other day my family was reminiscing about Johnny’s bakery and how wonderful those donuts truly were.  We had no idea how they could have possibly gone out of business.  But, let’s face it, donuts are not a healthy or filling breakfast option (I know…shocker!).

Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, you should fill it with protein to help build lean muscle.  Skipping breakfast has been linked to being overweight and it generally does not save you any calories because by 10am you are starving and eat a bag of chips or whatever is in sight.

What does a healthy breakfast look like?  Well, multigrain cereal with almond milk, egg whites with lots of veggies, whole grain waffle or pancake with 2 TBS of peanut butter, or a delicious bowl of egg white oatmeal!  I found the recipe on http://thehealthyfoodie.com/fluffy-apple-cinnamon-egg-white-oatmeal/.  However, I have adapted the recipe a few times to give me different options.


Egg white oatmeal:

1 1/2  Cup Water
1/2     Cup Oatmeal *not the instant or quick*
1/2     Cup Egg Whites

Bring the water to a boil and add the oats.  Reduce the heat and cook for about 5 minutes.  Once the water is 3/4 of the way gone, then whisk in the egg whites slowly. Turn off the heat and add in your desired additions (below).

Flavor additions:
Per Thehealthyfoodie’s blog, you can add in a small apple and some cinnamon.  It is delicious this way.  However, I was getting bored and decided to switch up some things.  So far I have tried a small apple with agave syrup (delicious!), blueberries with a stevia packet, and a banana with a TBS of brown sugar.  All have been quite delectable.

This oatmeal is paired wonderfully with a nice large glass of WATER! Side note, my oatmeal comes out looking like mush and not the typical paste.  I’m quite impatient when it comes to waiting for the water to boil and just add my oats at the beginning.  To me, it all tastes the same!

Hope you have a wonderfully balanced day!  Be confident! Be fit! Be you!


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I am a mom to a beautiful daughter and a handsome son. I married my high school sweetheart during a blizzard in 2010. I like to run, bake, craft and of course spend lots of time with family. This blog is about fitness, health, activities for the family, and general lifestyle information.

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