Get the family involved

Family is what can make or break your goals.  You need to make sure that everyone in your family knows your goals and understands that it is their job to support you.  This may be harder than it seems.  Sometimes family members don’t understand our goals, but they don’t have to.  It is important to surround yourself with people that love you no matter what and will be the crazy people cheering you on.

I have to admit that my first half marathon I did completely alone, with no one there to cheer me on.  I had told my hubby to stay home and not worry about being there because it was super early in the morning and my parents were at church.  However, on the day of the half, the weather was terrible.  It was the middle of October and cold and rainy.  It rained the entire race *seriously sad and depressing rain*.  I thought having no one around to see how terrible my time would be would be easier.  I can only imagine how boring watching people run is if you don’t enjoy doing it yourself.  Well, it is also extremely lonely having no one there to say congratulations when you’re ready to cross the muddy finish line.  Even finishing Pedal to the Point (150 mile bike ride over 2 days) it was raining most of day two and it was really hot day one so the rain felt cold, I cried crossing that finish line with my parents waiting in the rain.  They had been there for hours wondering where I was based on my day one time.  However, my butt was beyond sore, the wind had really made it a struggle, and the rain was the icing on the cake to make it a miserable day two.  But, I made it through it and it was great seeing family at the finish.


Now, you can’t change who your family members are, so you need to make sure they are aware how important your events are to you.  They will be there to show support if you ask them to be.  That was/is my downfall, I often don’t ask or say that they don’t need to come.  I’ve learned to ask my wonderful hubby to attend the big events.  However, there is always that time they will surprise you at a finish line with a billion cupcakes for race finishers!  I found a local half marathon that was on my 27th birthday and I knew I wanted to do that for my birthday!  I had asked my hubby to be there with me and he certainly was.  But, he had collaborated with my mom and contacted other family and friends to be there waiting at the finish.  It was incredible and I finished the race with a PR!!!

Get your family involved in other ways.  Invite them to run/walk/bike/swim (whatever exercise you prefer) with you.  Understand that they may be slower than you and you should stick with their pace.  It is rude to invite someone to go with you and then leave them in the dust to get your workout in.  Find an activity that is exciting for the whole family.  It can be anything as long as everyone is having fun and moving around!


Keep working hard! You can do anything you set your mind to! Be confident! Be fit! Be you!


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I am a mom to a beautiful daughter and a handsome son. I married my high school sweetheart during a blizzard in 2010. I like to run, bake, craft and of course spend lots of time with family. This blog is about fitness, health, activities for the family, and general lifestyle information.

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