The glorious mile!

It was the start of the second week in February 2015 and the weather was 48*…that’s right, I said 48 degrees!  When you are blessed with a day out of the norm, then you must capitalize as much as you can.  So, I had my mother-in-law and sister-in-law watch little Hailey to log some miles outdoors.  I put on my running shoes and strapped on the ole Nike watch (which I had to charge because it was completely dead).  I hadn’t logged any mileage with my watch since November 1, 2014.  THREE MONTHS WITHOUT RUNNING. How could I do that to myself?


I took off out of the driveway and immediately started feeling better.  Who knew how much running could put a smile on a  persons face? Well, I was chugging along and before I knew it the watch chimed to let me know I had completed one mile!  I looked down and noticed that I may have over-exerted myself with an 8:37 pace.  The second mile drug on a little longer, but I was happy to be hitting the pavement that I didn’t care.  I was running in uncharted territory, so I had no idea when the watch would chime to let me know I had gone another mile.  Finally, I heard the beautiful chime and checked to see that I had slowed down to a 9:16 mile.  That seemed closer to what I expected since I hadn’t done this in quite some time. I went another tenth of a mile and needed to stop for a moment to catch my breath.  The cold air was starting to wreak havoc on my sinuses.  I walk/jogged the next four tenths of a mile to finish off my run.  Ending with a 9:20 pace overall.

Now, I didn’t go out with high expectations, but I wanted to run two full miles with no stopping or walking.  Since it had been three months since my last real run, I knew that I needed to start out slow.  I was a bit overzealous with my first mile but it didn’t seem to hurt me too much overall.  However, I know that it will take a little bit to build my mileage back up.  I have plenty of time to get ready for Columbus!  Hopefully the weather will start to break and I will be able to log some miles with the jogging stroller (I need to start working on my coordination so I don’t tip Hailey)!

If you are new to running, take it easy.  Try the c25k program (, if you are brand new to running.  It will gradually build your endurance to a full 5K in just 9 weeks! If you’re a runner who has taken a leave of absence from the road/dreadmill, then realize that it will take some time to build the mileage and pace back up to what it once was.  Make sure to stretch after every run and don’t push yourself too much (you want to avoid an injury).

Remember to always be confident! Be fit! Be you! You can do anything you set your mind to!


Published by confidentandfitmom

I am a mom to a beautiful daughter and a handsome son. I married my high school sweetheart during a blizzard in 2010. I like to run, bake, craft and of course spend lots of time with family. This blog is about fitness, health, activities for the family, and general lifestyle information.

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