T25 derailment

Well, I took a break from the T25 program.  Not because I wasn’t enjoying myself and feeling like I was getting a good workout.  I took a break because I have been able  to get out and enjoy a nice jog a few times throughout the past two weeks.  Our crap-tastic Ohio weather has variedContinue reading “T25 derailment”

Gearing Up for a 5k

It’s that time again! Races have started and I haven’t made it to the starting line yet.  That is all going to change on April 4th!  I will be completing my first 5k of the season and my first time pushing Hailey in the stroller.  The past few years I have participated in the RunContinue reading “Gearing Up for a 5k”

Positive Compliments

This should be a good thing, right?  Well, the person who is giving the compliment is being sincere and obviously feels it is important enough to mention it out loud.  However, the person receiving the compliment could probably take a few lessons.  I am definitely someone that needs to learn how to accept a compliment.Continue reading “Positive Compliments”

Pregnancy Woes

No, I am not pregnant at this time.  Although I would love a second child, this is not the right time yet.  I’m still learning the ropes with the first one!  I thought I would take a little time to explain my pregnancy and how my weight and self esteem were effected. I was beyondContinue reading “Pregnancy Woes”

Another meatless meal!

Another week of Lent has passed us by.  I hope that you have stuck to your Lenten promise, whatever it may have been, to bring you closer to God.  Since my child is teething, I’m struggling slightly but really reaching out in prayer.  Other than that, things are going well on the healthy meal front.Continue reading “Another meatless meal!”

Staying motivated

If you’ve been working out or eating healthier from the start of the year, then you’re already two months in! Congratulations!  I’m sure by now you’ve managed to hit a small goal or maybe even a few small goals! It is much easier to continue towards the healthier lifestyle if you are seeing improvement inContinue reading “Staying motivated”

Third Lenten Meal

Well, pasta dinners at our church are a little more busy this year, thus not allowing for much down time in the second hour to whip up my desired dinner dish. Although, I will not complain that I had to eat pasta this past week.  The pasta dinners raise money for the Kentucky Mission Trip thatContinue reading “Third Lenten Meal”

I miss running!

I’m sure my 6th grade self is absolutely kicking herself in the butt for even saying that phrase.  I joined the track team thinking I would enjoy running.  I was slow, but could run longer distances than most.  I was therefore slated to run the 400 and 800 (which now seems like a sprint distance).Continue reading “I miss running!”

Lenten Meal Take 2

Well, we are officially into week 3 of Lent, which means we’ve had two Fridays with absolutely no meat.  Now, I understand people are vegetarian and do this all the time, but I am not one of those people.  I rarely have a meal that does not contain some meat item as the staple ingredient.Continue reading “Lenten Meal Take 2”