Third Lenten Meal

Well, pasta dinners at our church are a little more busy this year, thus not allowing for much down time in the second hour to whip up my desired dinner dish. Although, I will not complain that I had to eat pasta this past week.  The pasta dinners raise money for the Kentucky Mission Trip that our high school youth group participates in every year.  I did manage to create my dinner the following day for lunch.

Here’s how it went! The original recipe was obtained via pinterest here. I decided to modify the recipe because I felt like there was some unnecessary ingredients that just had calories.  My fritters came out pretty yummy and definitely something easy to whip up. The entire meal took about 30 minutes to put together from start to finish (and I mean the absolute start). I apologize, I am not the best photographer, especially when it comes to food.

Sweet potato, kale and quinoa fritter
Sweet potato, kale and quinoa fritter

Sweet potato, kale and quinoa fritters:
1 Large sweet potato
2 cups cooked quinoa
2 cups chopped up kale

Cook the sweet potato in the microwave until soft (make sure you have it wrapped in a wet cloth).  At the same time, cook the quinoa according to the directions.  You will need about 3/4 cup uncooked quinoa to obtain the desired amount of cooked.  Finally, as that is cooking, finely chop the kale.

Once all of the ingredients are ready to go, put in one bowl and mix together.  You should be able to form patties that stay together without the use of an egg or bread crumbs (this is were my recipe varies).  Then add in a few dashes of paprika, ginger and pepper.  In a skillet, add coconut oil to cook the fritters.  Once the patty is brown on the bottom, flip and cook the other side.  If you are doing multiple in the same pan, make sure there is enough oil.  Also, add oil before starting the next batch.

I was able to make 6 fritters with my scaled back version.  They were yummy and extremely easy to make.  This is a nice protein packed version of a potato pancake!

I hope you enjoy the recipe!  The weather is supposed to be fairly nice this week, hoping to get out and run!!!  As always, be confident! Be fit! Be you!


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