Weekly Recap

Hey everyone! Let me quickly recap the goals for last week.  I was going to work out 5x for at least 30 minutes, not eat anything after 7:30, pack healthy lunches to avoid sugar cravings, and drink 100oz of water per day. I hit two-ish of those goals.  I did work out 5x this weekContinue reading “Weekly Recap”

A few current favorites

Hey guys and gals! I hope your week was fantastic and you worked towards your goals.  If you didn’t hit your goals, that’s okay!  There is always the next week to kick the goals butt! This past week I worked to reduce my sugar intake and there were times when I struggled with this goal.Continue reading “A few current favorites”

Staying Focused

Hey everyone! Week 2, so far I’m sticking to my commitments!  Last week I mentioned I was no longer in school, which was taking up a large portion of my free time.  Well, for clarification I am not in school because I completed the course work for my Masters degree in Early Childhood Education.  MyContinue reading “Staying Focused”

New Year, New Endeavours

Well, I obviously failed at blogging last year throughout the marathon training.  Really, I failed at blogging about a lot of things last year.  Hopefully this year will be a completely different story!  I am no longer in school and am finding new things to fill my time.  I am not one to sit inContinue reading “New Year, New Endeavours”