Wow! It has been F-O-R-E-V-E-R

I can’t believe it has been 6 months since I wrote my last blog post.  I’m slightly ashamed at myself for throwing in the towel so quickly after finding out we were expecting baby #2. I could have used this blog to encourage and inspire other pregnant moms to continue on their workout journeys.  Instead, I became a statistic.  I all but plopped on the couch day in and day out after putting Hailey to bed at 7pm.  I was exhausted and I didn’t think I could do anything else at the time.

After awhile, I figured I couldn’t write a blog post under this domain name because I would be considered a hypocrite or the topic would not be about working out and staying confident.  So, I avoided this website out of embarrassment.  I’m still two months away from having baby #2, and I’m still not working out, but I’m making a change.  I’m going to change this blog just a bit to include topics regarding educational activities I do with my adorable toddler, reviews of places we visit (museums, festivals, etc), how I am changing my hoarding and piling lifestyle for organization and purging, and continue with the health and fitness to get my body back after the green light is given by the OB.

I’m excited to recreate this blog a little and include a wider variety of topics.  I will be excited to rejoin the fitness community as soon as I am cleared, but I can start with simple things that make me feel rejuvenated and refreshed in the mean-time.  Plus, you can experience the crazy world of “nesting” with me as I enter the home stretch of this pregnancy. I may even post a photo of my growing belly… for now I’m just sharing my thumb sucking baby!


Only time will tell what this blog will morph in to.  I hope you continue on this journey with me and enjoy what I have to share.


Published by confidentandfitmom

I am a mom to a beautiful daughter and a handsome son. I married my high school sweetheart during a blizzard in 2010. I like to run, bake, craft and of course spend lots of time with family. This blog is about fitness, health, activities for the family, and general lifestyle information.

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