Family Fun! – The Pittsburgh Children’s Museum

A few weeks back our little family of 3 (soon to be 4) took a day trip to the Pittsburgh Children’s Museum.  We went solely for one reason.  I heard there was a Daniel Tiger Exhibit and our toddler is OBSESSED with this show.  As soon as I heard the exhibit was coming within a close enough distance we could drive, I decided to make it a special trip for her 2nd birthday.  She was going to LOVE it!

I wasn’t sure what to expect for the museum, since I hadn’t been there in about 20+ years myself.  My mom loved taking us to museums in the area and I just don’t remember this particular one.  We packed up the toddler and lots of snacks and hit the road early in the morning.  I was hoping to get there early enough to enjoy it before she got too cranky from missing her mid-day nap.

Once we got to the museum and paid for parking, which is kind of pricey at $6 if you also have to purchase tickets; members pay $4 each visit to park.  Luckily we won tickets at a school fundraiser earlier this year. However, you can offset that cost by bringing a packed lunch!

Finally inside and I was absolutely amazed at what they had to offer! Everything was developmentally appropriate for children and encouraged exploration through hands on learning!  I kept telling my husband that if we lived closer, I would be here once a week.  I hope the families in the area use this resource as a wonderful place to play and learn!

There were so many things to do that I didn’t capture them all.  We also didn’t even make it into two rooms because she was ready for a nap.  This museum is absolutely wonderful and can encourage children to learn through numerous hands on experiences.  The staff were friendly and you barely even noticed they were there.  They came in and replaced consumable materials or tidied up certain areas, but for the most part they just let you and your child(ren) explore.

We are definitely planning to go back soon! The Daniel Tiger Exhibit runs through January from what I was told.  I would call to confirm if you want to plan a trip specifically for that! What museums do you and your family enjoy? I’d love some ideas for places to take our family on weekend trips!  Also, if you’ve been to this museum, what was your experience?  I’m going to link the museum website for more information as well!



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