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Some may call it Nesting, others a turning 30 this year need to get my life in order crisis, but I simply call it reality.  It dawned on me a few months back that if my toddler operates best on schedules and routines, then by george, I need to as well.  Those schedules and routines seem to help her remain calm during transitions, realize that play time will come again and that when she helps mommy and daddy things go much smoother.

Like all people attempting to make life changes, I took to the internet.  I scoured Pinterest and YouTube for ideas and tips to better organize my life and schedule.  I found a few people that really make the task of organizing and clean simple and enjoyable.  For those that knew me when I was a preteen, my parents referred to my room as an archeological dig.  You would never find food or plates and cups in my room, but I held onto EVERYTHING. My mom loves to tell the story of the memory holding envelop that simply had my name on it, but I couldn’t tell you anything else about that white letter holder.

After watching and pinning numerous ideas for organization binders, car organizers, and daily household tips, I got to work.  I will make subsequent posts, with pictures, of what I have found to work for me.  My biggest tips (at the current moment):

  • Make your bed as soon as you get out of it in the morning.  I never did this as a kid because I was just going to get back in it and sleep again the next night.  However, having the bed made when I walk into the room makes it seem cleaner and tidier.
  • Never leave dishes in the sink.  If the dishwasher is empty, put them right in.  When it is full, run it.  I unload before I leave for work so that I can reload anything used that day.  I absolutely HATE dishes (there is another fun story my mom would tell) and keeping them out of my sink has really helped my sanity.  For some reason, dirty dishes really stress me out.
  • Keep the car clean.  I’m sure my husband would laugh if he saw I wrote this as a tip.  However, after cleaning out my car a month ago, I don’t think I can go back to having it be a mess.  When I’m at a gas station or when I get home, I take any trash out immediately and throw it away.  Then, I have a bag of supplies for Hailey when we are at restaurants or other places she may need some entertainment.  That stays right under her car seat.  I have a second bag for work materials.  I feel like I live out of my car during the week, just rotating materials for the family programming.  My trunk contains just the essential emergency kit and window scraper for the pesky winter months.

Start with one task at a time and slowly, your life will become more organized and therefore seemingly less stressful!  If you wish to get started on the journey to organization or are looking for more tips, check out these people on YouTube.  They’ve really encouraged me to change my habits!

Clean My Space

Home Organizing

Happy organizing!!!



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